OPEN COLLECTION – Ideas For Action Protocols For An OSCEdays Event

Here is where we collect in the comments lose ideas for possible ACTIONs - Guides that help people to create circularity at an event. Feel free to work on one of those or add another suggestion.


β€”I found somewhere in my computer this list with ideas for ACTIONS. I think some Ideas are really funny and good.

Circular Maker-Spaces: Set Up A Circular Makerspace.

This ACTION facilitates a process and shares resources how to make and run a maker space more circular.

Replace A Plastic Case

Take a product in a plastic case – or any plastic product – and replace the plastic with a circular material – like wood, metal. Try to use something, that is reused and reusable.

Create A List Of Already Circular Products on the Supermarket Shelf

The ACTION provides a list of criteria to spot products that are already circular. Go to your local supermarket and spot, what is already there. Create a positive list.

Energy Optimization

There are plenty of guides available how to make buildings or machines more energy efficient. Research one of those guides or pick one from the list below. And then take a building or machine and follow the steps. Tell us what you have learned and found.

Renovate A Building Circular Style

Do you need to renovate a space or building? Try to do it as circular as you can. Here is a list with guides how to do that. Tell us about the open questions you could not solve.

Write A Lobby Paper On Circular Economy And Send It To Your Local Politicians

Political demands and actions! Write A Lobby Paper on Circular Economy and send it to your local politicians. Maybe make a boost. Share your paper here and strategy.

Plants To Clean The World

Find a polluted ground in your city and establish a family of plants there with the ability to clean up the soil.

Art-Performances Criticizing Waste

Take a look in the web. Artists have a good way to come up with … You can do 2 things: (1) Take on of the existing performances and copy it. (2) Add a new researched one and add it and then copy it in your ciy. (3) Invent your own, share it and duplicate it. // Engage in the discussion how well it works.

Renewable Energy Machine

Build one of these Open Hardware renewable energy solutions. Or add one to the list.

Map The (Circular) Biosphere In Your City

Map the Plants in your city/street. Find out their names and the role of the different plants in the ecosystem and the circular processes around you. Invite people to a lesson about it.

Documentation Jam

Do you know a circular solution? Take it, and make it accessible for the world. The ACTION could include good hinds for documentation – documentation on documentation.

Build One Of These Circular Machines

The ACTION provides a list of open source circular machines and invites people to build them locally and to publish feedback/documentation of it – get involved with the projects.

With the Precious Plastics project there is already machines for this available – I know there were OSCEdays cities were they have built one during an event.

But I am sure we can put together a good list of more examples – worm composters, bio-digesters … there is oshw-stuff out there.

Hacking Waste with a Unified Grid/Modularity (Upcycling)

An ACTION on upcycling old things by drilling a unified grid like Open Structures into it. Here is an example.

Materials Data Base Project

Maybe not a database right away. But the ACTION could provide a list of things to look for when looking for a circular material and invite people to add things to the database or collection.

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ACTION idea as a Design/workshop exercise:
What if everything is Open Source and Circular:

Purpose: Hands on circular economy and open source economy though hands on design thinking excercise

  1. Select a common product/ production processes (like making shoes, producing food, producing housing materials, fixing phones)
  2. (Circularity aspects) Analyze the technical cycles related to the selected product (What are the problems, waste streams, unused or misused) Which of the activities such as refurbishing
  3. (Open Source Aspects) How does open source can make the process more efficient, distributed and circular (having access to information about phones that needs to be fixed).
  4. What needs to happen in order to have a fully democratized and distributed technocycle

ACTION idea as a Design/workshop excercise:
Introducing the platform design tool kit to support distributed processes:

Purpose: provide hands on platform and network centered propositions (towards understanding ecosystems)

  1. Introduce the platform design toolkit proposed by Cicero, put some examples (Airbnb, Uber etc,) (basic concepts like channels, P2P relations, etc,)
  2. Select a familiar topic like mobility, housing, tourism, energy which currently shows unsustainable relations.
  3. Propose a platform ecosystem using the toolkit around the selected topic
  4. Reflect on the openness of the platform governance, who owns the platform, why, what happens with the capital (revenue) made through the platform.
  5. Provide more in depth materials and references… Perhaps some more specialized courses can follow if some people are interested…
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@jose.urra86 This are some good ideas! If you find the time you can turn them into fully fledged ACTION Protocols.

I think the steps would just need a bit more background information each. And you should run an example. Would be cool to see the development of those ACTIONS :slight_smile:

@jose.urra86, hello :slight_smile:

I just remembered a project that also can be inspiring, it is called Reverse garbage

Check out