Offer to write a blogpost from E.L

Hi @BoST

we got approached by Erich L. He offers to write a blogpost for our blog. Here is his last email. What do you think? And what topic should we pic?

Hello Lars,

Thank you for getting back. I write articles based on recycling and waste
management. I write articles for free and therefore I don’t charge for it.
I would like to suggest following topics that might interest you:

  • The future of waste: five things to look for by 2025
  • Future trends in e-waste recycling
  • Steps To Get Your Business On The Path To Zero Waste

Let me know which topic interests you or you may suggest one from your end.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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If you want to go the E-waste route, I’m considering two projects to run this year:

  1. E-waste Collabathon (Collaborative Hackathon) to take apart discarded e-waste and see if there are any circuits we can recover to build new circuits with
  2. Explore new electronic PCB design system using dissolvable circuit boards from Physical Laboratory in UK and engaging Arduino, Rasp Pi and others to see if they would be interested in participating in recoverable PCB.

This could come under the broader Future of Waste topic too if there are no other OSCEDay members who are considering e-waste projects.

I’d be interested in the steps to zero waste

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both subjects sound good to me, just let him know that he needs to agree to potential editing (after which he would get the post for final approval). that way we can be sure it’s suitable for the blog.

what’s his interest in writing for us?

Nice input & content for the blog! Might spark some interesting discussions!

I don’t know his interest.

We discussed this in the BoST Call May 2 and decided to give it a go. Hopefully the offer is still open.