[Meeting, June 4] Get Ready to Set

This will be the last of our big open organizer meetings for the OSCEdays Berlin. Only one week to go and the days will start. Jeai!

Guck mal, we have Etherpad set up for our minutes:

For that reason we will have to discuss quite a lot around all kinds of things from participants, to location, to communications to … To all team members & contributors: Bring your open questions and ideas. If we need to discuss them in advance, please post them below as a comment.

The meeting is open for newcomers. Do you want to contribute to the OSCEdays? Do you want to bring and discuss a challenge or present an idea? You are very welcome. Let’s figure something out. We will find a way, i am sure.

##When & Where?

We meet at Thursday, June 4, 7pm (19 Uhr) at Agora, Mittelweg 50, Neukölln.

Call me, if you can’t find us: 0176 218 65 009

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@transitionmica, @sophia, @Lars2i, @Frans, @eliana, @MiriamR, @JuliaP, @simonlee, @CarolinePaulickThiel, @nblumoe, @Ina, @Timm, @MartinaSkender, @franziska_moeller, @Sylke, @Justine, @Hanne, @kunji, @Changing_Course @MaxFabian @Natacha

Please prepare your list of tools / items you want me to bring from *Leila. I will need to borrow them in time to make sure they are available.

I’ll be there at 8 pm
Maybe we can run over a few Documentation aspects?

We started to prepare a list of things we need for the Circular Textile Challenge.

The most important ones are:

  • 4 (or better 8) desks - how many desks are available in the Agora and how many could we use?
  • 50 chairs (?)
  • 50 name badges from the Betahaus (?)
  • 1 big wall or white board(s)


  • In which floor can the Circular Textile Challenge with 50
    participants take place? What else is planned for this floor?

Food and drinks

  • Will the Agora Cafe be open during the whole event? Can participants buy drinks (coffee, cold drinks etc.) there?
  • When will be the lunch break? Do participants have to inform the Agora Cafe in advance whether they would like to have lunch in the Agora?
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some questions that came up during the meeting:

  • Who can get the name tags from Sustainability Drinks Berlin?
    @MartinaSkender maybe?

  • How many chairs are there - Can we get extra chairs if we need them?
    @Marcela_Donato thinks there are 50-100 but will count them for us. We can always just work extra hard on building open structures furniture…

  • Who is The Mysterious Rachel Eguakan?
    She applied for a ticket but didn’t include her entire email address. Student at HTW - maybe @JuliaP can get in contact with her?

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Hi @cameralibre :blush: The tags of Sustainability Drinks say “Sustainability drinks” on them and also “talk to me about”. I think that would be confusing for OSCE visitors. I can of course ask. Also, how many visitors are we planning for OSCE Days?

Hi, i would not mind to see “Sustainability Drinks” on the name tags. the opposite. I would like it. (1) it is reuse/multiuse & (2) advertisement for another good thing (3) shows connection between SD & OSCEdays.

Number of people? Really hard to say. maybe on top days 100? But maybe less. But maybe even more. How many name-tags are there?

Hi @Lars2i OK - I asked SD about this, will let you know when they reply.

Hi all, there was a guy at the meeting. He wanted to join me next Tuesday to pitch the OSCEdays on a food-meeting in prinzessinnengärten. But i forgot his name and can’t find him here in the forum. Anyone remember? Please ping me. @Lars2i

On your pratical questions, this might be of help: The dry stuff: basics of event organsation

Do we need anything more in terms of information on display for participants? Signs, logos, floorplan, or little displays with challenge names for the tables etc?
(Judith offered to lay out posters or other info if required, though I guess we want to reduce the amount of unnecessary printing etc)

Do we still need to buy whiteboards or some reusable whiteboard plastic? where do we get it from? Modulor?

Who will be at the front desk during the event? I kind of assumed that we would just take turns and then find someone else to take over when we want to leave, but has anybody discussed this or decided anything already?
(I just added these questions to the organisation wiki, feel free to edit answers in if you know them!)


@JuliaP is going to create a floorplan

Alice wants to go shopping. How much do we need? Lets discuss this, when we meet Thursday morning. We still got plenty of time on Thursday to do some shopping. I rather have to few than to much stuff, we can go get more anytime.

We will take turns at the desk, and arrange this sponaneously i think.