Just wanna introduce the team!

Hey there!

My name is Johnny, and even though we’ve been a bit silent on the forum & website, we (me and some of the students from my interdisciplinary thinktank on the Circular Economy) have already been working on getting things going here in Nijmegen. For starters; our Munticipality has donated us a room in the heart of the City on the 11th of June.

Our preleminary plans are focused on gathering “problems” from citizens or institutions in Nijmegen & using the evening of the 11th & the people who will gather there as a collective open source thinktank which can suggest possible Circular Solutions to these problems.

We are also very open to idea’s and/or problems that originate from other cities around the world! Or, if it’s possible, to get the input of other cities on our issues. In the comming days we’ll be working on defining the format of the evening, and looking for partners both within our city & in the Open Source Circular Economy community! Feel free to pop me an email: johnnykerkhof@gmail.com

From the left to the right:
Manon Schenkels, student Science. Joni Reijven, student Politicology & Economy, Gijs Konings, student Social Geography & Johnny Kerkhof, Radboud University Honours Academy Teacher


Brilliant @Johnny_Kerkhof - Welcome to you and your team! Your event will be a great feed in for lots of the others around the world! Happy to link in some ideas from the London community. You can see one of our first challenges put up as an example in the forum here. Erica

Hey there Ericka,

Thanks for your speedy reply! It would be cool to search for a way use the collective brainpower of the Nijmegen University & public to search for some concrete awnser to your challenge. Let’s set up a skypecall this or next week to see if we can formulate a question that London wants to ask Nijmegen.

I’d be able to make Skype call this Thursday anywhere between 18.30 & 21.30 Dutch time.

Lots of love,


Hi @Johnny_Kerkhof - have you seen the community call also this evening. One at your time at 7:30 pm. I can join with @unteem (as well as possible other local organisers), Will be nice to join it up.

Hi Johnny, great meeting you today. Good to see your interdisciplinary team, we need more of it and less specialization, the latter being one of the causes of the situation we are in. Everybody is optimizing on their little space while neglecting or sabotaging the system.

Here is the info on B-corp:


Take care, Silvia

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Hi @Johnny_Kerkhof, as mentioned in the documentation email, here is your editable etherpad for comments & feedback:
And if you need it, a cloud folder for Open Source Documentation:
(you can use http://is.gd to give it a more useful, memorable custom name)