Immigration solution from circular economy

Hi everyone.
I’m Nataly the organizer in Turin Italy, and i’m looking to get some tips/ideas how should i build the event for this year using the integration of exiled people through circular economy basis.
Exiled + circular economy = social integration.
if there is another city having this topic please let me know.
any comment is more than welcome and i will be very grateful to know what all of you think.

thank you

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Hi @Nagstaly

great question!

In Berlin we have many initiatives trying to work with and for refugees. One of the more famous one is building wooden furniture from recycled wood with them and for them. (CUCULA – Refugee Company for Crafts & Design)

Maybe you can find some circular design building plans and start to do something similar with them. Maybe a bit hard but on this forum we have this:

I also know of a project called ROC21 - they combine openness, sustainability and refugees as well: