How can Money make the World Circular? - Circular Finance Challenge

How Can Finance become Sustainable and Circular?

Challenge @OSCEdays Berlin 2016

The Circular Finance Program of Circle Economy (CE) and Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL), has the mission to realign the current financial system with the real (circular) economy by identifying financial barriers to circular business practices and developing solutions to overcome them.

The Dutch „FinanCE working group“ will present their new report on financing a Circular Economy on the OSCEdays 2016. Answers lie in collaboration in the value chain and creating financial instruments to invest in a chain or network of businesses rather than in a single business. This way, risks and rewards can be shared and the incentive arises to collaborate with the aim of creating a circular chain in which all participants earn a piece of the pie.

We will discuss the opportunities and risks associated with circular business models from a financial perspective, as well as deepen our understanding of new solutions arising in the fields of Circular Economy.

  • Introduction to Circular Business models & its implications to financial institutions
  • Circular Innovation models
  • Circular Use models
  • Circular Output models
  • Opportunities around higher asset utilization
  • risk mitigating potential
  • long-term relationships and margin stability
  • A new collaborative approach to funding: supply chain investing
  • Financial instruments (peer-to-peer lending, block chain technology, etc.)

Date: Friday, 10.06.2016
(If you are interested in participating, please reach out to @simonlee - If you have questions feel free to ask them below in the comments.)

Time: 11-15.30h

Moderator: Elisa Achterberg, Aglaia Fischer (Circle Economy / Sustainable Finance Lab)


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