[HEADLINE CHALLENGE] Trust is Not a Waste

The Rubbish Diet and The People’s Design Lab present their challenge - Trust is not a waste.

Let’s share what works and create new ways of increasing people’s trust and engagement in the circular economy.

Trust is not a Waste

Key challenger: The Rubbish Diet & The People’s Design Lab
Challenge reviewers & insight: WRAP, Keep Britain Tidy
Themes: Transparency, trust, engagement

Problem Statement/Ideal Situation

We need an empowered public, awakened and educated to make pro-environmental choices, who can purchase circular designs through proper information on purchasing, product/ system choices, life extension routines and disposal.

Currently the general public often have little faith, understanding or connectedness with the important (and powerful role) they play in our waste and resource system as the “consumer”. They do not see themselves as a key link and influencer in our supply chain and product based economy nor understand the power they have through their everyday purchases and actions, like recycling. The public can find it difficult and overwhelming to consider what’s behind the product in their hands - the resources, supply chains, environmental considerations and final disposal routes.

Envisioned outcomes

We would like to encourage open and accessible, engaging methods and communication that supports greater trust and engagement and action to explore all levels of the waste hierarchy/ the circular economy in lifestyles.

For example:-
❖ Making clear the resources, social and environmental impacts embedded in products
❖ Mapping and use of waste flow data to give better feedback
❖ Connecting recycling to recycled products


● Limited resources/ money
● Available data


● Increased environmental/ social considerations in everyday life
● Feelings of greater empowerment
● Feelings of greater trust in the system and a willingness to help improve ( as well as question)


Who should the results, approach, solution be aimed at/ for?
Primary: General Public, Local Authorities
Secondary: Waste & Resource providers, manufacturers (recycled and recyclable goods)

Partners/ Key Stakeholders

Who may be good to lead, link up, engage with to use communicate, fund?
● Local Authorities, GLA, WRAP, Chartered Institute of Waste Management, Keep Britain Tidy (Waste Watch),


A wiki stream to add relevant research, data, links and contacts too in advance

Relevant Research/Data

● Local Government Waste & recycling data
● Corporate Social Responsibility Supply Chain Data
● Wrap Product Sustainability Forum
● Keep Britain Tidy/ SITA UK - Ur[bin] recycling
● Restart Open Data for truly Circular Economy

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