Consider adding Valentina software as OSCE member

Hi everyone!

Here’s an article about the design phase as an integral part of achieving a circular economy. Last year Valentina ( was considered for membership into OSCEdays, but was not admitted because it wasn’t technically a “recycling” effort. Valentina is design software aimed at preventing 60% of garment waste.

Perhaps we could consider joining Valentina into OSCEdays again?

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Hi Susan, thanks for your interest in OSCE. Why do you want to become a member? The community itself is open to anyone to join and participate in. To become a more significant partner is something that we in the @BoST usually discuss on a case-by-case basis. What types of things do you imagine we could do together?

Your project is super interesting to me. I’m also organising a sustainable fashion event in London in the coming weeks and am hoping to look into your software during it. Do you have any people in London working in sustainable fashion?

Here is more information about the event: