CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

@Silvia @Dina Cool. When they have sent me the link I will post it here in the chat.

Right now we’re too busy in Berlin to think about the next steps, so I just want to drop this here to have a look at after next week’s event:

Call for Abstracts at Leuphana University in Germany. I think we should hand one in

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I made a mistake with the hour.

Hi @BoST - sorry, I missed the call with Rome. Our baby - :baby: Fritz - was born Friday morning 5.55 am. And as you probably know or have heard: It is a complexity explosion afterwards \o/ . 1 Mio things to take care of. :slight_smile: I hope the OSCEdays Rome community will understand.


Welcome into the world, Fritz, we love you and will take care of you! Congratulations to the happy new parents: :family_man_woman_boy:

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Silvia, Qing and I will write an abstract for Leuphana (deadline 30. June) to try and get me as a speaker to that conference in Lüneburg in 2019.

I have another call that I find interesting: Its for the conference Digitalization and Sustainability 17. -18. November 2018 in Berlin (Technical University). Anyone up to write up something for that with me? Anyone wants to go as a speaker? Deadline ist 19.8. so we still have some time.

Where do we store this year’s pictures from Berlin? I took quite a few but I’m sure our photographer did better ones so before wasting space I want to check if I have anything that she didn’t catch

I finally and very last minute found time to work on @Silvia’s draft for the abstract for my talk at Leuphana. I would muchly appreciate if you took a minute to review it:
I need to submit this tonight as the deadline is tomorrow.

Bad news: the application for the association did not go through, we need to revise the statutes in several important points. This will take longer, but at least it won’t increase the costs (as far as I know).

Thank you, Maike, for letting us know. Let’s work on the changes. We’ll discuss during the Sep 3 call what is required from BoST to move along the application. Take care.