[CHALLENGE] Weturn: Industrial and Service Design for the Circular Economy

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Weturn is a participative web-based platform for feeding materials back into various cascading circular material flows. At the same time it is a network which allows users and companies to contribute
knowledge, in order to deal with different materials or service cycles. To cope with the various material flows of a certain product, weturns format is designed for any kind of reuse: second-hand markets, repair, refurbishing and recycling. Weturn is a marketplace for products and services around the circular economy, and as a brand, Weturn also creates products of its own, to develop the potential of this platform. In this way, even in the development stage, relationships can be forged between producers, suppliers
and recyclers, who may subsequently contribute to the cycle themselves. This can attract and motivate further companies from diverse industries to join a regenerative product and service system. Weturn was my graduation project in product design. Thus, design and design-thinking brings a large element to the challenge.
Links to full project:
http://maxfabian.org/portfolio/weturn/ ,

During the challenge, the weturn system should be reviewed from different perspectives. Then we will work on the next steps, that could lead to a realization of the project. Participants from all fields would be great!

Weturn ist eine partizipative Internetplattform zur Rückführung von Materialien in verschiedene Kreislaufkaskaden. Gleichzeitig ist es ein Netzwerk für alle Teilnehmer der verschiedenen Kreisläufe. Um mit den verschiedenen Materialströmen umzugehen, die zum Beispiel ein Staubsauger beschreibt, bietet weturn das Format für jede Art der Weiterverwertung: Verwendung gebrauchter Güter, Reparatur, Aufbereitung und Recycling. Weturn ist Marktplatz für Produkte und Dienstleistungen rund um die Kreislaufwirtschaft und tritt als selbst produzierende Marke auf, um die Potentiale der Plattform zu erschließen. Dabei können schon in der Entwicklungsphase Beziehungen zu Herstellern und Zulieferern entstehen, die später selbst zum Kreislauf beitragen. Dies soll den Anreiz für andere Produzenten aus verschiedenen Branchen schaffen, sich an ein regeneratives Produkt- und Dienstleistungssystem anzuschließen.

Weturn war mein Abschlussprojekt in Produktdesign an der Fachhochschule Potsdam. Demnach liegt ein Fokus auf Design- und Design-Thinking - Lösungen während der Challenge.
Links zum vollständigen Projekt:
http://maxfabian.org/portfolio/weturn/ ,

Während der Challenge soll das Weturn System zunächst kritisch von allen Seiten beleuchtet werden.
Anschließend werden die nächsten Schritte herausgearbeitet, um das Projekt realisierbar zu machen. Teilnehmer aus jedem Bereich wären großartig!



DATE: Saturday - JUN 13


I will bring: Basic tools for brainstorming and visualization (Large sheets
of paper, scissors, colored paper, sticky notes), computer for presentation,
camera for documentation A Flipchart and/ or a wall to put the mindmaps,
graphics etc. would be great to have.

PAD: To allow participants to document this challenge in real-time, a collaborative Etherpad document has been set up here:
FOLDER: To store and share documents, photos and other files relating to this challenge, please upload them to this challenge’s cloud folder:

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Hey Max,

Is there any way we can google hangout with you on June 13 for part of the workshop to see you demonstrate the concept?

PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_weturn
FOLDER: http://is.gd/weturn

Dear Max,
Your project looks really great and I would be really glad to help you develop it further.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to join in person in Berlin on the weekend. Any way I can help via Skype, call or email with something?


Hey Gien,
sorry, that it has taken me so long to reply. Sure! I would love to connect to you guys. Although, since i’m pretty new to all that online communication, i’ll need to find someone who gives me a brief intro about the software and all that. But i don’t think its going to be a problem. I didn’t plan a concrete schedule for the workshop, therefore i’ll be available at any time.

Hi Lukas,
thanks for your comment! I’m sure that we can connect somehow during the day. Probably also using google hangout. I’m looking forward to hear your ideas!
See/ hear you on Saturday


google hangout for sure! We’ll play it by ear on June 13, 14 our event days!

Hi again,
it was really nice to meet you all. I’m sorry that I had to leave - I have to get back to Halle/Saale to prepare my work next week (I will have another workshop with my students). I would be very happy to get back in contact with you. Most of my time I’m working and thinking in a theoretical sphere so it’s important and always motivating to get in contact with guys like you/from other disciplines. Thank you!

Have a nice and interesting day/weekend.
See you soon

@Greenyeti @MaxFabian @Adrian_V @epica2015

I also enjoyed our brainstorming a lot and I hope we can still document our different WeTurn findings and theories. Also our “smart guy” target group and the different ideas what it could turn into etc…

Let s try to get that Pad filled up a little bit in the next days and stay connected.
See you soon, hopefully!