[CHALLENGE] - Supporting and duplicating Circular Business concepts

How to support people to start a business with a circular business concept?

The idea is

  • to have a standardized Business Canvas describing the important topics for a business.
  • People working to establish a business using the Canvas (and maybe additional tools)
  • Those Bussines Canvas will be shared in searchable online platform
  • The Business Canvas is usable as some kind of Checklist, reffering your own situation to others
    which are maybe allready economally established

So what I want to work on in the Challenge and around

  • The Content of a such a Circular Business Canvas
  • how the Website/platform needs to be hosted and advertised
  • Might there be benefits in financing, as soon as you can refere youre own business to a an allready well established Business Canvas?

Challenge time : Sunday 3 PM to 5 PM
Monday and probably Saturday need to be specified

Additionally I will participate other challenges discuusing from this challenge perspective
e.g. Financing Challenge on friday, but also Open Source Hardware Challenge
and for sure also the Open Source Business Model Challenge

I’ll be around at least friday to sunday

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For today, friday, I see big common features to the finance Challenge.

So I will join this one on friday from 11 AM- 5 PM

How can Money make the World Circular? - Circular Finance Challenge

Background for the challenge: Circular Business canvas for entrepreneurs describing a business in detail

Resume/ some kind of documentation

My after 4 days of OSCE Days with a lot of input and great networking
here is my resume summary regarding my Challenge approach:

It looks like there are less business concepts allready established out there as I have thought.
Based on that, my approach to duplicate business concepts by offering the experience of entrepreneurs that are at least some steps ahead to people keep watching for ideas to make money withing the concept of cirular economy might not be the big thing at this very moment.

Nevertheless, I think a business canvass is the right thing, when developing ideas to working business concepts.

Quiet well matching for products for circular economy is the canvas from we all design, which already is asking the questions relevant for Circular Economy.


This Canvas helps to clarify the thoughts about your product with related materials circles AND at the same time about your income chances.

At the weekend I actually worked for the first time with the concept of Open Source products.
Very interesting topic and thanks a lot for the insights there.

The concept has quite some chances I definetly admit.

The approach of the Canvas for Open Source business model
definetly helps to clearify the Pros and Cons of doing possibe elements as Open Source data
and with that to gain valuable insights about benefits and maybe threats of Open Source policy for your own business.

Best regards to all of you