[CHALLENGE] Circular Sanitation


Hey @transitionmaike @chrstoph I’m arriving in Berlin on July 26th, I’m in to help you out with your sanitation project. Is there a chance we can meet ?


I would love to, only I leave on the 27th. I’ll ask the (just starting) team if they can make it.


There will be another Cyceloo-meet-up next week Saturday in the Baumhaus und Berlin

1.10.2016 at 14h (2 pm)
Baumhaus, Gerichtstr. 23 (http://www.baumhausberlin.de/)

All welcome, first half hour is an introduction to the aims and the concept of cyceloo-project. We then want to discuss the problems of the Dixie-Hackathon, mainly the issue of oxygen and urine collection in the tank, removal of collected faeces, transport logistics, cleaning, financing and further use of the portacabin once it’s converted.