[BoST Meeting, Dec. 7, 2015] - General Meeting


as agreed in the meeting on Nov. 23 we will have open BoST (Board of Stewards) meetings of the provisional BoST every first and third monday of the month so today is a meeting.

Please post things to discuss here. Post is a wiki


###1 Introduction
introducing new people in the meeting.

###2 Founding
the organisation: statutes are at the office of the tax office (finanzamt) for 10 days now. They say it will take 6 weeks to check.

###3 Website
and design progress and questions: Jenni agreed to create a new design. Any ideas?

###4 Fundraising
progress and questions. Updates by @Jaime & @Lars2i

  • We need a brochure, packages,
  • Can we offer “workshops” or “challenges” as part of the sponsorship package?
  • We a list of companies and foundations to address.
  • Contributors to the sponsorship team


ping @Jaime @Gien @sharmarval @cameralibre @unteem @TechnicalNature @Lars2i @Silvia


The call was quick.

In the call were @cameralibre @Silvia @Jaime @Gien @Lars2i @unteem

###1 & 2
Point one and two were discussed as in the Agenda.

###3 Website
Lars is going to create the new website in the coming days and share the link of the webpage in progress for feedback here in the forum (OSCEdays future category).

He will also meet this weekend (dec 12) with @OTTILIE to search for a new design. We agreed, if we can’t find an incredible good new idea that would mean a major step let’s stick with the current design (see BOST Meeting Nov. 23). If you have ideas, feel free to post them here.

###4 Fundraising
@Jaime @Silvia @Lars2i build the fundraising group. We discussed that we can offer workshops as long as it is absolutely transparent where does money comes in from that and how it is used.

The fundraising team will develop a fundraising brochure and a fundraising strategy and also a budget to share in the next meeting(s)

If you like to join the fundraising team, feel free to get in touch with us.


We agreed that we should continue to bring in more people to this BoST meetings. So if you are interested please get in touch.

Tim and Gien are still on to the task to create a hackathon experimenting neo4j for the OSCEdays platform.

Next meeting is on december 21, 8pm GMT

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