Background for challenge: Circular Business canvas for entrepreneurs describing a business in detail

Continuing the discussion from [GLOBAL CHALLENGE] Open Source Circular Economy Business Model [2016]:

Hi there,

I was immediately touched by the headline Open Source Eco business model. But I realize, that my guess is a bit differing from what I see.

My idea is to concretize business ideas for possible entrepreneurs as detailed as it makes sense, so anyone has a good base for decission making: ok, that I will try doing on my own. A tool that replaces business plan in startup community is the business canvas. I think this is good basic instrument.

This might be completed by one or the other headline explicitly relating to circular economy. But again, my approach is to encourage and to enable people doing their own business.

An example would be, the mushroom growing on coffee grounds.

  • collecting coffee ground from local coffee bars and restaurants
  • Ressource: Space needed, manpower, invest
  • Where to leran details grow
  • Customers for the mushrooms
  • Invest scenarios
  • return scenarios

Idea is to get a library of concrete busines ideas and concepts in order to check which is matching idea to get my own business started…

But I want to get some feedback about these thoughts. My understanding of the business modell flow chart tool as it exists so far is, that picks up the line at an earlier stage, right?

I will try to add the business canvas as it exists… I just have to check out

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And I found another canvas for goods to get designed for circular economy - right away explicitly talking about after use life for closing the cycle.

Hi @Dieter

sounds good. Do you plan to run this as a challenge at OSCEdays Berlin or just here in the forum?

If you want to run it as a challenge in Berlin - do you have an idea when you want to do it - or do you want to do it more spontaneously - every morning in the morning assembly new challenges can be announced.

Hello Lars,

Yes I’d like to do this as a challenge on the OSCE days.
I’m collecting some more thoughts about it and I will post it here.

Also I want to be at the community breakfast here in Berlin tomorrow may 25th…
So I guess we see each other there…


Hi Lars and everyone else,

finally I have collected some more thoughts in a mind map that I will link.

I added some more “chapters”, And I think that there are various players at OSCE days to discuss these ideas in quite a depth in personal.

  • Business Canvas itself: Based on the basic Business Canvas including the neccessary datas to get started

  • Library and Network: How to organise the library and enable to exchange within a network, also offering set of related open source tools like bookkeeping software etc.

  • Finance: such a library network might be connected to circular finance partners or models
    and might dramatically support the financing

  • Common brand name ( e.g. Doloop) - organised similar to regular Franchise system might blast the public visibility

Mindmap - Circular Business Canvas

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Possible Name of the Challenge:

"Let’s get started with Circular Business ideas "

The “Chapters” are so different, I’m sure it might make sense to make several Challenges.

I wonder if it is better to adress for each subtopic an own challenge right away, or to just switch to a specific subtopic based on the audience that takes part.

For example the Financing experts of the other Challenge might be perfect to discuss this topic…

Just let me know what makes more sense in your eyes.

I guess I want to start with first challenge on friday also planing saturday and sunday, monday not sure yet about my availibility.

@Lars2i @friederike @simonlee
I’d like to fix and announce this challenge for Berlin officially.
what do I have to do?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I would start with a 2 hour slot early adternoon, so starting about 1 PM.
My expectation is, that based on participants there will be one or the other main topic. Business Canvas, Organisation, Finance…
Open to extend…

Name of the challenge might be

Get your own Circular Business: Open Source Business Canvas and network.

You might change slightly.

For today, friday, I see big common features to the finance Challenge.

How can Money make the World Circular? - Circular Finance Challenge

So I will participate actively there.