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Hi everyone,

I’m writing a paper about OSCEDays for a specialized magazine called open_resource (, which was created at the initiative from SUEZ, an international company working on water, waste and resources management.

This magazine aims at sharing ideas, innovations, and points of view amongst the community of people working on natural resources management. The fourth issue of the magazine will address circular economy and includes an article on your organization.

To complete an interview I had with Lars some days ago, I wanted to ask the community some supplementary questions: it’s about the Docu Days. If you could include your name/role in your responses, that would be great. Many thanks for your collaboration !

  • How did you come up with the idea of launching some “Docu Days”? Why now, in particular?
  • Do you think a better documenting and sharing of information of circular economy solutions is key to the development on more and more circular projects?
  • How went the first edition? What would be the better example to mention to illustrate how it worked and maybe how people used it to share methodologies, ideas, etc.?
  • Will the Docu Days play a major part in the future of OSCEDays? Is it also some kind of experimentation?

Many thanks again,