2016 OSCEdays Event Website is in development


That is very good thinking @Silvia! Your idea is way better than what we have on the page right now. I will look at it a bit deeper and get back soon.


Hi, ok, i collected next to @Silvia s ideas some more feedback from other people and tried to implement it in the website. So it has changed a bit.

Please check and tell me what I have missed. http://oscedays.org
@cameralibre @unteem @Gien @sharmarval @TechnicalNature @Jan_D @Jaime


Looks much better indeed :slight_smile:


Hi I think that

(If you give me access to the code I can submit a suggstion with these changes)


Hi @Jan_D - cool. I will send you login-in details for the sandbox. There you can test what you can do first.

btw. you are absolutely right with the needle. Changed it as suggested to test:


Had a good session with @Jan_D tonight. Think we managed to do some improvements.

Update: And I spent some more hours to improve the page. I think now we have finally a good page :slight_smile:

I added 4 sentences - under “Partners” “Challenge Sponsors” & “Mentors” – Could a native speaker please check them and post the correct version if necessary. @TechnicalNature @sharmarval @Silvia @Gien



‘Our mentors have expertise in many fields and will be available online to support the
global community.’


‘A big thank you to our partners.’

Challenge Sponsor

Q: are these the ‘Big Five’ challenges (the open list of questions) we talked about last night? Or are these different?


Thanks! – Will do the changes soon.

Nope, this Challenges are the one we try to “sell” to sponsors. It is in one of our sponsorship packages - that you can as a company have a challenge, we help to frame it and advertise it.


Ah, okay…in that case, can we change the text to:

Hot-topic Challenges from Our Sponsors


Headline Challenges from Our Sponsors


Challenges from Our Global Sponsors

Or something like this.


##Website Updated May 15

Ok, the call for cities is closed. I redesigned the whole webpage. I think I managed to make it more beautiful, more clear, give it a better structure and menu. And the “Global Challenges” and the “Mentorship Program” is added.

I had to erase the stories from 2015 from the main page. They made the page too heavy. I integrated them into the documentation of 2015 and placed a prominent link to the documentation on the main page.

Feedback and suggestions as always welcome.