TinyLoop - inspired by Showerloop.org

Challenge Addressed:
Showers consume 10% or more of Cape Town’s water resources annually. Most of the water that goes down the drain during a shower can be reused in some form or another. TinyLoop wants to give everyone back the experience of relaxing, guilt-free showers while continuing to save water.

Proposed Solution:
TinyLoop is a compact, portable, device that allows everyone an almost-infinite shower experience by recycling the same 10L (or less) of water. TinyLoop works seamlessly in any existing bath or shower and can also be used outdoors, or practically anywhere you want. TinyLoop was inspired by Showerloop.org and is currently in prototype phase.

Desired Hackathon Goal:
TinyLoop is looking to improve the prototype in the following areas (in order of importance):

  1. Grey water filtration
  2. System optimization (components, sizing & build)
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Inline heating

Showerloop is looking to improve the product in the following areas:

  1. Hack the drain to capture water, with a production method in mind.

Resources Needed:

  • Grey water and black water filtration specialists with experience in small scale applications.
  • Electronic and water systems engineers with experience in system optimization.
  • Industrial designer with experience in AutoCAD.

Hi Thomas! Welcome to the hackathon! I have a number of people I’m going to direct to your page. There’s a lot of industrial designers who have joined the hackathon so I’ll direct them to you. It’s great that you were inspired by Jason’s work! So was I. So I’d definitely like to work with you on your hack as well. I’m designing and building an ecohome and have always thought about embedding the showerloop/waterloop tech in it. There’s some great sanitation engineers who also joined the hackathon and I’ll alert them to your project. I’ve contacted my contacts at Kat-o to see if they can bring some web scribes on board.


I truly love this idea, and always have since the first time I saw it. Can’t wait for it to become reality.

@Daryn_Molenaar, Are there any industrial design students who would be interested in working with Thomas to develop Tinyloop?

I’m going to propose it to my design students and let them know

Thanks @RicardoRug! I was just speaking to Thomas today at a workshop we attended together. He said one of the resources he needs is other expertise so he isn’t doing it alone. Do you also know anyone who is involved in sanitation or biology and water treatment?

Hi Sharon (@sharmarval), Thomas is actually refactoring a design that Jason initially proposed in his showerloop design. But Thomas is doing a much lower tech version…no embedded electronics. Could your design students look at Thomas’s design and help think about how to make it into a circular design?

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Hi @thomas ,

This morning I was going through my emails for the hackathon and remembered one that Ralf Joachim Behrendt and Ralf Otterpohl from TUHH sent me.

Joarchim gave me two references to existing, rather high tech showerloop designs:

Additionally you can use recirculating showers
http://www.recyclingshower.com.au/, https://orbital-systems.com/

These would be good to study.

Some students are study the posibility to work on this. Also we are working on the university proposing to the direction make part on the activity on the next semester maybe working on one of the principal courses of design.

For other hand I know some experts but We have the problem of the time they have to work on this. I go to propose to them but lets see.


Could you upload a sketch of what your current system is and what elements are missing…ie., where the unknowns are. Then we can all start working on it. @Gabor and his Hungarian team have a lot of tech experience. @sharmarval wants to bring some of her PhD circular design students to help so let’s get started!