Future BoST – Call For Future ‘Board of Stewardship’ 2016/2017

Hi @BoST & Future BoST

In the last two Calls of the Board Of Stewardship we were discussing the future board. We need to invite the next one and to make some changes as well. So here is the call.

##Being on the Board

We agreed that to be on the board you should:

  1. Assure a minimum of time for the OSCEdays – at at least 2 hours per week next to the time invested in the general BoST calls every 2 weeks.

  2. Announce a domain she or he wants to work in – like communication, community onboarding, website updating, or whatever. (Update:) There is a To-Do-List for this now. You can pick at least one role from the list or add a new one.

The first part is important to be able to progress with OSCEdays in a way that is a great experience for everyone involved and the second part is important to know what skills we are missing; clear responsibilities will make us able to work effectively as an open network.

##Sign Up

So please, current Board, please state if you are interested to continue your work in the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship in the comments below.

And also if you haven’t been in the Board – if you think about joining. We are happy to meet you. First step for you would be to join one of the future Board Of Stewardship meetings.. Please leave a comment below with a statement that you are interested so we know that we can add you to an upcoming call.

(Please be aware that most BoST work happens here on the forum and is read-write-based. If you don’t like reading and writing in english you might not be happy in BoST.)

Please state your interest below. Looking forward to meet you.


I will continue my work :slight_smile:

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I am in.

  1. Available 2 - 6 hours per week

  2. Role
    a. Operations - project management, infrastructure (website, forum,etc.), organization (liaison with local organizers + internal org as we find a formal structure)
    b. Consulting - workshops, speaking engagements, outside events participation, global challenge/questions list for OSCEdays, content development


Hello! I’m in also, 3 hours a week.


  • I would like to connect dots regarding similar projects (soon, hopefully, people) in different cities especially on the forum. And monitor community interaction there.
  • Updating about BoSt/ general + specific news on social media.

Hello all. I would like to continue my work if it’s not too late. :slight_smile:


Same here, i’m in for 2 - 3 hours a week.


I will continue as well.


Hello I am in! I forgot to sign up.


Hi all - Apologies - I’m back in action after being away for 5 weeks. I’d like to focus on a particular area on the BoST - such as outcomes, impact - maybe alongside communication. It may be that is more suited to a project/ challenge area. Anyway will try and make the next call :slight_smile:


I think that I’m out :frowning:

In the last couple of years I have really been struggling with multi-tasking - trying to simultaneously be involved in various projects, communities, and fields of interest, dealing with communications and deadlines from multiple directions… and I end up over-promising, letting people down and doing poor-quality work. (Not all the time, but enough to make me realise that it isn’t sustainable)

I need to just work on one thing for a while - for at least 6 months. To me, it is clear that this has to be open source animation, not OSCEdays, as it is more aligned with my existing skills and knowledge and it’s easier for me to make a living while still working towards political/social goals.

I don’t think that I can commit the time and energy to being on the BoST, though I do plan to work on an OSCE animation, so I am sure that we will be working together closely on that, and I’m always happy to help if you need my specific knowledge or advice, just reach out.

I may be able to re-join at some stage, but I need a break for now.

####Farewell Sam :vulcan: :medal:

@cameralibre - it is sad that you leave. Very sad. But also understandable. You did amazing work in the past 21 months for OSCEdays. OSCEdays would not be what it is without you. Can’t even recall all the contributions you made:

  • You structured the forum and gave it the look and feel it has today.
  • You transformed the first draft of our Mission Statement into a shiny and well received text, that makes me still proud to be a co-author of although all the stuff I find great about it is not from me but from you.
  • You created and updated the OSCEdays city map constantly – one of our most important communication assets.
  • You set up and maintained most of our digital infrastructure – the own-cloud, the pad … and You provided us with so much useful documentation on the forum on documentation itself and explained Open Source in many ways to the community. For example in this video.

  • You were there in the BoST meetings – online and offline – always with smart and wise advise making sure OSCEdays is on the road to be an open and inclusive endeavour.
  • You gave OSCEdays a voice and face and explained it in keynotes and excellent impactful writing

  • You played an important part in onboarding the global community and communicating with it always making sure they get the Open Source part.

… and you know, there is more I could add to this list. Much more.

Thank you very much for all the amazing work that was done entirely voluntary.

You are a great person and a fantastic colleague and I am sad to see you leaving OSCEdays BoST for now, but I am also a bit happy to see that you are as smart about your wellbeing as you have been with helping to get OSCEdays on the road. We will miss you in the BoST. And we will keep up the work – building on top of what was created in the past with your help – having more possibilities than before thanks to your work.


Hi all, I would like to join.


OK. After participating in the calls, I’ll give it a go.


Enjoy your sabbatical from BoST, we’ll be waiting for your return. Have fun and be well!

Hello, I would like to be part of the next call. by labor difficulties I could not participate in the last one, but I want you to know that I have all the will and desire to contribute to improving oscedays globally. until next time.

Hi Ricardo, that sounds great! We probably have met on Skype before. But if not, please add me so I can add you to the call. My Skype ID is: Lars2i

Hi everyone!
I would like to join to contribute to the OSCEdays. I have free time and I’d like to support the team. I missed last call, but I am ready to work .

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Hi @nicustasia , that sounds great! Pls. add me on Skype so I can add you to the next call. Skype ID: Lars2i

The next BoST Call is October 17, 7 pm GMT.

please, let me know if there is something I may do before the call.

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:slight_smile: will do. You can start with posting a short introduction about you here.

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