[BoST Call, May 23, 2016] – General Call of provisional BoST No 14

Just had a really good catch up with @TechnicalNature on OSCE bits (and life)
I can be in the call tmrw 10 GMT // Haven’t hear back from @Daria Fairphone about more details on logo use on our website - Will drop her another email tmrw morning

Sorry - 10 am on a Monday was never going to be a great time but try to make it where possible - spreading the OSCEdays word in other ways :wink:

ok @tomharper can’t make it either.

@JayKay & @Melanie_Tan are available for 30min

Maybe this time is just not good for this calls!

@Grit - can you send me a request on Skype so I can add you to the call? - My Skype ID is: Lars2i

Agree - needs to be feasible. And facilitated …
@JohnWood (Goldsmiths) aka Max Ripple aka Metadesigners might be good to chat with.

Hey guys, won’t be able to make it this morning, just too many stuff to catch up after the Ouishare Fest (which went really well btw).

Reagarding the points:
9/ I don’t think it’s so shocking what they did, (mixing upcycling with CE), and it shows we have still some efforts to do with educating our local organizers.

But I agree that for good practice we should ask each organizer to make it clear they are speaking for their own event, and not for the whole movement.

Asking nicely and keeping an eye open for these kinds of things will create the kind of “I take responsibility for my own message” kind of culture that we might want to foster.

10/ @sharmarval sorry, I haven’t been working on it much either. Will take a look this evening to see if I can add something to it. If you want some feedback at any point, feel free to just ping me :slight_smile:

Have a great call guys!

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Done – My skypeID is gritin; I can join until 10:30.

Hi, ok, got an email from @gien - he is out too.

So this leaves us with (if nothing changes)

@JuliaP @cameralibre @Lars2i

@Melanie_Tan @JayKay @Grit - for 30 minutes

I guess, we should make it a 30 minute call then and postpone some of the decisions to the meeting in a week (I think we should go for it!) and make the rest in written discussions.

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sounds good - we can strike my Robin Hood thing then, it’s neither particularly important or urgent right now.

Ok. 30 min Quick Meeting it is. Here is a shorter Agenda with the stuff I think is really important - and leaving out the rest for today.

##Quick Agenda

###1. Hi

@Lars2i will document the call.

Anything urgent to add to the quick Agenda? Anything pressing new? @Grit

###2. Weekly meetings till the event?

yes or no? (Next meeting next monday 7pm GMT)

###4. Survey

I am going to send out the Community Mail about the global reporting today. We need a finished survey for this. Let’s have a look at the questions. (last comment). Anything to add?

###6. Mentorship Program needs a push

Do you know people that would make good mentors? Reach out to them.

Do you have an idea how to advertise this better - next to a community Mail.

###3. Global Video Reporting is set up

please check it and sign up to host a call. Readme [GR16] - Global Video Reporting June 2016

This is important.

###11. Drop Community Calls till to the event

yes or no.

can we switch to something else other than Skype next time?
I can’t call people, and I don’t even have messaging anymore.

Microsoft stopped updating Skype for Linux years ago, and it’s getting crappier and crappier all the time.
My microphone works with no problem on hangouts, appear.in, firefox hello and all the rest, it’s only a problem on skype.
For calls outside of normal work hours, I can use my partner’s Mac, but at work there’s no reliable way to join in the calls.

Let’s try this next time, at least to begin with:


I can hear, but that’s all…

Yes. Let’s use appear.in - if you have made good experience with that.

Does it take 11 ppl? (hangouts can only handle 9) | Answer: Mmh, it can handle only 8 for free :frowning:

Do we have to install something for it? | Answer: no

hmm. appear.in only takes 8. Man, I can’t believe there’s still no really reliable cross-platform video calling option for groups.
Appear.in works fine, but it’s not perfect either.

Ok. Let’s try hangouts then. So we have 9 people. And keep the appear.in - because most of the time we aren’t more then 8 anyway.


Joined by: @JayKay @JuliaP @Lars2i (@cameralibre - but tech-difficulties)

###1 Weekly Calls?
yes. let’s to it.

###4 Survey
Johnny will add to it tomorrow (tuesday) morning. So we can send out the community mail tomorrow.

###6 Mentorship program
It was send out to the EMF for example and in newsletters. But we need to approach people directly. @JayKay will ask his contact person inside EMF to reach out to people directly. Are there any specific skills we like to get in?

Anyone can think of some?

###3 Global Reporting is set up
yes. @Lars2i will write a short tutorial how to sign up to be a host again - Think a quick guide is needed.

###11 Drop Community Calls till to the event?
yes, let’s do it.

###X. Change of Tech in the future
With the majority in our community using Linux Skype is not a working option for us anymore (see discussion above).

We will use appear.in ( https://appear.in/OSCE_BoST ) in the future (if we are 8 or less) or Google Hangouts (if we are 9). We need to make people announce before the call when they are not showing up so we can plan what tech to use. Because if something urgent is to discuss and we need to be more than 9 ppl - Julia, Sam and I can go to the same room, when we are all in Berlin.)

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  1. weekly calls are great. Apologies that I didn’t make it today, I was waiting for the call but realized @Lars2i ight have called my other Skype ID!

The Singapore edition will be up during the week (website and Facebook page) and Ho Chi Minh is doing some great talks about Remanufacturing aside from the actual OSCE days event.

Have other cities decided on particular themes or segments of CE they are going to focus on?

  1. Publicizing OSCE membership/ Hang outs/ newsletter
    during the local events, we can publicize for mentors and contributions to the newsletter and other initiatives such as the Global Challenge do we want to write it into guidelines to local organizers and have them collect that feedback?

  2. @sharmaval apologies for not following up on the newsletter. Was in Phnom Penh recently to discuss with the organizers about how we are applying CE to the agricultural industry.Haven’t written the article because we are still developing content and potential prototypes

  3. community calls during each other’s events instead of the current format would be cool! From city to city during June 9-11. Although when events run in Asia, it would be night time in Europe.

@cameralibre & @Jaime & @sharmarval

I was just on Skype with someone using linuxmint17

“Usually everything that works with Ubuntu works with linuxmint17” – And he had all options in Skype available - video, chat & audio.

(but maybe this was because we were on an one to one call - not a group call.)

yes, exactly. one-on-one is usually fine. group calls are a disaster.

Is it a problem if someone uses other fonts&colors? I thought it was preferred but optional.

No, it is not really a problem. The font is not mandatory. It is just when it is branded as general OSCEdays this could be a bit irritating. But nothing too problematic.

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